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The security of VIPs encompasses a wide range of factors. The VIP’s physical security is one of the most crucial. They should be kept safe at all times and protected from potential harm.

GM GROUP specialises in personal security, VIP, event and party security, missing person investigations and static security guards. A common concern with all VIP security is the question of how it works.

We have simplified the answers to the questions into three categories. 

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Intervention Ideas

The possibility of vulnerabilities that compromise consumer security exists when people leave for a cause. For such travels, VIPs hire security guards out of fear. Along with preventing immediate danger, security guards also have to make sure that every consumer is secure and away from any possible consequences of fabricated, hidden motives and inform the appropriate staff committees or clients. Have you ever witnessed a man fling himself into a queue or fire a shot to defend a customer? Yes, this is the situation that security guards face. Staff safety comes first, followed by everything else.

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Mobile protection

VIPs frequently travel for a variety of reasons, including to visit places or events. Active living creates challenges with vehicles that are not well maintained or with temptations to tamper with the vehicle that are poorly thought out, upsetting VIP routines and creating VIP liability issues. Therefore, the Mobile Protection Sentinel should continue to be the most active. GM GROUP guards are well-trained to identify whether key variables pose a threat, whether vehicles are loaded with devastating explosives, and whether VIPs are on target en route. Mobile guards are permitted to use vehicles while on duty. Since the VIP is under such close guard and is being driven by security personnel alone, there is maximum security and a much reduced danger of incident.
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Static protection

As the name suggests, static protection is standby protection. The calmness of the guards gives them more time to think critically and to be watchful. Over time, the need for static defence has increased significantly due to an increase in VIPs and celebrities attending events. Where security is a top priority, our security forces will take every precaution to reduce both common and uncommon potential threats. The static guard team performs a range of tasks, such as keeping an eye on security cameras, documenting any suspicious behaviour of locals, protecting VIPs and clearing paths away from crowds.

Roles and Responsibilities of VIP Security Guards

Here is a list of duties to expect from a VIP security guard put into bullet points.

  • Assisting with the travels and escorts of the client, back and forth on-duty hours
  • Taking safety measures into consideration and driving the VIP around
  • Monitoring the surroundings and keeping notes of unusual behavior of people who surround the VIP
  • Patrolling around the residence and temporary stay locations(hotels)
  • Performing information and background checks on the individuals the VIP is exposed to or is about to meet
  • Doing a check on the public locations to ensure the place is safe for the VIP to visit

GM GROUP is a security guard company with an experience in security concerning fields like corporate security, event security, personal protection, and event management securityRemember us if you want top-notch security at concerts, parties, clubs, or business premises. Read our blog on “static security protection” to get information on other specific responsibilities that static security guards carry out.