Security at clubs and bars

Let’s face it – humans are unpredictable at the best of times, let alone when alcohol is involved. Security plans for this and measures to deter and manage intoxicated behaviours according to licensing requirements and the venue management wishes.

So, if your business thrives on drinks along with good times, this blog post is for you!

In order to safeguard the reputation and well-being of participants in a nightspot, the GM GROUP is equipped with services of the highest standards, approved by the Australian Securities Industry Authority (ASIA) and as directed by regulators and venue management.

Services necessary to make your licensed premises vulnerable proof

In-house and out-house guarding

Let’s have a look into the threats likely to knock on your business’s doorsteps:

  • Fake IDs being presented for entry
  • A legally offensive act is performed on or in front of the premises
  • A heated discussion becoming a fight
  • Drink spiking
  • Suspicious acts that signal someone is in danger or requires help
  • Over-the-top behavior (yes, we are extravagant dancers ourselves or know someone who is, but don’t let it ruin the fun or safety of others!)
  • Anti-social behavior that can intimidate people or pose a greater risk for patrons
  • Business policies and regulations are being violated one way or another
  • Sketchy behavior on the perimeter or parking lot

Unfortunately, these issues show up time and again. The best way to manage them? Hire experienced security.

Security for VIP guests 

It’s found to be respectful and considerate of the security concerns of very important people. Having security services around the VIP guests not only ensures the safety of people, but it looks good. It signifies that the venue cares about its VIP guests and wants them to have a good time free of issues. It’s a great image to have security for VIPs to deter unwanted behaviour, as well as maintaining the area and escorting if required.

Peace of mind 

If your patrons know that a security team is guarding the premises as well as looking out for their safety. This helps people relax in the venue to have a good time. Let’s have a look at the common to no-so-common “what if” thoughts:

  • What if someone spiked my drink?
  • What if I get too drunk and injure myself?
  • What if I get lost or find myself alone?
  • Who do I contact if I need help?
  • That person over there looks sketchy, what if they try something?
  • I’ve never been to this place; how do I know it’s safe?

These and many other what-ifs are likely to stop people from enjoying the nightlife. To deliver messages pubs and clubs are safe and management needs to have a visible and active security team.


When viewers realize that the security crew is safeguarding them and others they are less likely to have “what if” concerns. Security teams must be present at bars and clubs to convey the notion that customers and staff are just as safe there as anywhere else.

Possession of the property

There are only so many things the in-charge manager can do to keep the workday on track before things quickly get out of hand. Security personnel are well-versed in and regularly perform risk management techniques to determine the gravity of the situation and take the necessary action.

To prevent inconvenience the security team’s internal communication channels must be effective. Additionally, the internal physical layout and external environment of a workplace must be well-managed for it to run efficiently.

It is true that no flaw, no matter how tiny, can be totally prevented during the planning stage of the project. However, it is possible to make sure that business hours go without a hitch. For nightclubs and bars in particular, you need the ideal group of knowledgeable, qualified guards to run your business’ security division.

Control of the premises 

There are only so many managers in charge who can do by themselves to get through a shift without situations escalating fast out of hand. The risk management protocols are well-learned and widely practiced by security teams – it’s their ‘bread and butter, just as hosting a great night out is yours.  Security teams are able to read situations and act accordingly – often preventing an issue from arising at all.

The communication channel within the security teams should be efficient to dodge any inconveniences. The internal physical layout, as well as the external setting, should be well-handled to have the whole venue running smoothly and unencumbered by security issues.

It’s true that it’s not entirely possible to avoid all issues. But security anticipates them and manages them. This is one of the many reasons that licensed venues to require a highly-trained and experienced security outfit to make sure everything runs smoothly and everyone can have a good time safely.

Keep worries at bay with efficient personnel who will take care of Bars/Clubs. GM GROUP is a highly-rated security firm with expertise in providing various security services to individuals and organizations across corporate security, event security, personal protection, and event management security.

We can help by providing top-notch security for your specific needs. Contact us today for a free and confidential discussion. 

Services necessary to make your past noon business vulnerability proof

Let’s have a look into the threats likely to knock on your business’s doorsteps
  • Fake IDs presentation at the entrances
  • A legally offensive act is performed right in front of the premises
  • A heated conversation is imminent to convert into a bar/club fight
  • People with bad intentions trying to spike one another’s drinks
  • Suspicious acts that signal someone is in danger or requires help
  • Business policies and regulations are being violated one way or another 
  • Sketchy behavior on the boundaries of the perimeter (parking lot)
  • People with over-the-top dopamine levels on their heads, dancing like the floor is theirs ( yes! We are rookie extravagant dancers ourselves or know someone who is ). Security guards make sure one dancer isn’t at an intimidating distance from another dancer

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