Static Security guard

Looking for security guards to protect your valuables and people? GM GROUP Services is a highly rated and well-resourced company with a group of professionally trained security teams ready to serve you!

Services offered by GM Group Services

Security personnel

If you have a static guard for your protection, you can expect the following features from your hired personnel.

Observing and reporting

Monitoring an area and reporting anomalies is one of the primary duties of fixed guards.

Constant presence

Static security forces are within reasonable distance to act immediately if necessary.

Taking control

Employees will act only in accordance with company rules and policies and stay within legal limits. In the event of a problem, static security forces act dutifully with full leadership skills, including forming a consistent channel with other staff on duty to provide protection.

Mobile and patrolling

A patrol is a thorough site survey and may be accompanied by a K9 guard dog and a squad of security guards equipped with the necessary tools to ensure the full protection of your property.

Corporate protection

GM GROUP specialises in corporate business security. We have a stellar record of successfully protecting businesses every day, by applying measures to reduce and monitor risks.

Corporate security consists of the following services:

  • Corporate security is overseen by a team of static security guards. While each security guard is responsible, they also function as part of the overall team.
  • Company security personnel are well-trained in company policies, procedures, and culture. This ensures that security operations are professionally executed according to individual business needs.
  • Our security guards are trained to maintain employee credential checks, screening, pre-background checks, and documented work procedures.