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At GM GROUP we understand the importance of having the right security guard for the right task. We also understand the importance of building a relationship with our clients and their customers to maintain a positive, friendly, and professional atmosphere. All our guards are experienced, have good communication skills, and are fully licensed in their field of expertise.


GM GROUP works closely with all our guards and clients to ensure a positive partnership based on a deep understanding of what your business needs and requirements are. Once we have placed a guard into a position, it doesn’t stop there! We continue to train, monitor, and discuss future requirements, thinking forward with both our clients and our guards on a continual basis.

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Client Reviews

Great Company And Service
George and the Team are Awesome. Great Company and Customer Service. A Pleasure to Work with. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Christopher G.
Specialist In Protection
Impressed with the company’s attention to detail and genuine concern for my needs and safety when requiring a security company.
Shawn D.
Professional Management And Staff
These guys know what customer service is both to the venue and its customers. Sets a positive atmosphere from the get go!
Phil L.



Our Services

GM GROUP Services offers a diverse array of security solutions tailored to accomodate a wide range of settings. Our expertise spans various categories, including but not limited to concerts, conferences, corporate events, exhibitions, school functions, seminars, sporting events, trade shows, VIP events, weddings, concerts, corporate functions, outdoor events, general functions, car shows, venues, bars, pubs, clubs, RSL clubs, construction sites and much more.

With our teams comprehensive experience in managing security for diverse environments, we are equipped to provide customised security measures that align with the unique needs and individual requirements of each location. Our goal is to ensure the safety and security of our clients, their attendees and their property whilst maintaining a seamless and enjoyable experience for all.

To explore how our security services can be tailored to meet your specific needs, we encourage you to contact GM GROUP Services for a confidential discussion.


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Yes, we provide all our clients with weekly reporting which allows our clients to have a record of how many patrols are completed, any incidents that have occurred, demographic of troublemakers, locations within their business that are of high risk which allows for future planning and analysis of our client sites to better protect property and persons. Our system also provides much more such as photo uploads, historical data and more, ensuring our clients can quickly gain any information on past events, view guard performance whilst working at any one of their sites and know they are proteted.
Our onboarding process ensure we only place guards who are hosts and customer service officers first and security when required. Our guards must be capable of defusing any escalations, be confident and have clear communication to meet our expectations.
Yes, GM Group has taken the top $20 Million Public Liability Insurance, Workers Comp to ensure our clients and staff are protected. We are also a Security Master Licence Holder as required by law in the state of NSW.
Yes, GM Group is a member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited which ensures we receive the latest updates in the security industry.
GM Group uses the latest technology linked to the governing body Security Licence and Enforcement Directorate (SLED) to ensure all guards supplied have a valid security licence, we also use a rostering system to ensure all our sites are Geo Fenced within our client’s location, allowing us to know that our guards are on site and on time.
Our security guards do their checks using an automated software that verifies their location and keeps a trackable record of them whenever they are on duty. This GEO Fencing technology can assure our clients are confident and comfortable with our security being onsite even if they are not.
All guards receive coaching and mentoring that covers the state laws, general security procedures and any changes in the security industry. GM Group is also a member of the Australia Security Industry Association to ensure our all guards are up to date with the latest changes. In addition to our coaching and mentoring, all our security staff receive specific on and off-site training for each client to ensure a smooth transition when starting on a new site.
GM Group allows our clients to choose the best uniform that is suited to their site, this means, a client may want a guard to simple be in all black with cargo pants such as a construction site or a black suit and tie for high class locations such as restaurant, cocktail bars and so on. It is important to ensure our guards fit in with your clientele and look the very best being the image of our client’s location and generally the first point of contact.