Covid marshals

Who are COVID Marshals?

Covid Marshals are people employed as vigilantes forced into Covid-19 restrictions on social gatherings, physical distancing and keeping records of Covid-19 cases. Their main goal is to keep an eye out for Covid-19 cases and prevent them. They play a significant role in business because their main duty is to make sure that clients and employees follow the High-Risk Covid Safe Plan, enhance and optimise safety plans and protect themselves.

With regard to the quality and storage of food and other necessities during a pandemic like this, we have obligations to support particular businesses and Covid Marshals’ job is to make sure that the rules are followed. The purpose of this is to guarantee that a specific company has approved and followed all relevant procedures. They make certain that everyone maintains a safe distance.


Covid Marshals should be role models for the workforce. Covid Marshals can be off-the-floor workers as well as supervisors and support workers in roles such as OHS, HACCP or quality control. Additionally, Covid Marshals must monitor that there is effective implementation of High-Risk Covid Safe Plans, including that physical distancing is maintained and that infection control practices are observed.  Monitoring must occur while workers are working, during breaks and entering or exiting the workplace. Moreover, they are expected to exercise the following functions in accordance with the requirements. specified in a workplace`s High-Risk Covid Safe Plan:

  • Monitor that workers are applying physical distancing measures, that congestion is minimized and that shared areas are used safely
  • Monitor that workers are applying hygiene measures (as per Infection Control Awareness Training) 
  • Monitor that workers are wearing PPE and understand how to fit it
  • Monitor the entry screening processes and that car park behavior is safe 
  • Monitor whether rostered bubbles are being observed in practice, including that shifts and work teams, remain separate and that bubble separation is maintained during breaks
  • Monitor that regular cleaning is occurring and being recorded 
  • Monitor that ventilation and airflow are maximized 
  • Monitor that accurate record keeping is occurring in accordance with the High-Risk COVIDSafe Plan
  • Consult with HSRs and the OHS Committee (if it exists) about COVID-related issues and measures 
  • Notify management and, where appropriate, HSRs as soon as practicable about systemic behaviors or work practices that are not compliant with the High-Risk COVID-Safe Plan and Additional Industry Obligations 

If the COVID Marshal is a full-time employee, he or she is expected to perform most of these functions.

COVID-19 has posed unprecedented challenges to Australian and global businesses, corporations and other organisational structures, including governments. Remember, as a Covid Marshal it is your responsibility to provide excellent, respectful and assertive service to all customers while ensuring that entry guidelines are strictly followed. Does your organisation need effective, timely, reliable and fully approved support to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic? Please contact us directly for more information.