personal security

Investing in personal security is never a bad idea. This includes measures to protect physical safety, property and identity. Bodyguards are trained in confidentiality protection and risk assessment. They use these skills to provide security at the highest professional level of personal protection services.

Personal protection services are useful to a wide range of people, not just celebrities and public figures. People may need security and protection for all sorts of reasons. Here are some examples.


Managers and board members have access to valuables and are aware of critical information about the organization. Therefore, this increases the likelihood of being targeted for criminal conduct. In order to safeguard certain people who are assets to the business, personal security is used during commutes, travel and even on building sites. In many of these circumstances, where people are assets, it makes sense to protect them just like any other valuable asset.


It’s a known fact that being prominent in the media involves reaching out to a diverse range of fans and audiences. Bodyguards defend celebrities from physical harm as well as the unforeseen inconveniences that come with popularity and fame. For celebrities, personal protection is the most secure option when it comes to crowds, travel and other engagements and dangers. To assist you in maintaining the ideal image while maximising security we offer assessment, strategy and execution.

GM GROUP Services has provided covert bodyguard services to celebrities such as Danny Minogue, Virat Kohli, Adore Diano, and Katy Perry.


There are always risks associated with travel, especially when going abroad where the legal system and criminal activity can be very different. Families, companies and well-known figures have all hired protection to help them travel safely. It’s common to feel insecure while travelling but having personal protection can help you feel much more at ease and continue your trip.

Legally-involved people

Threats, stalking, kidnapping, and actual physical harm are just a few examples of the personal harm that can occur during some legal proceedings. Your life can be at danger in a variety of ways, but there is a simple approach to reduce your overall risk i.e hiring a  bodyguard with knowledge in working with corporations.  It is up to the personal security to plan ahead, do inspections and take rapid action when necessary.

The security team at GM GROUP Services is expertly trained and used to operating in dynamic environments. GM GROUP Services is a well-known security firm that has provided a wide range of security services to individuals and organizations in the fields of corporate security, bars and clubs, events and personal security. Additionally, we assist  you by offering upper edge protection tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us today for a free and confidential consultation.