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Although there are other situations where crowd control might go wrong, concerts top the list. If you’re planning an event, you should enlighten yourself on the role your security team will perform. The typical concert security duties and positions at concerts are listed below.

Entrance and Exit

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Concerts gather enormous crowds of people of all ages who are understandably delighted. Entry is supervised by skilled personnel who use scanning equipment and each attendee is examined prior to entry to that there is no illegal or dangerous incursion. Our concert security guards can quickly and effectively deal with concertgoers at the door.

Guards also manage exit points, conduct crowd control and other necessary duties to ensure everyone has a safe and orderly exit from the event.

Mobile duties

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Mobile services prove to be most effective, especially during concert performances, when accompanied by the necessary security service tools and guard dogs on duty.

With patrolling security personnel strategically moving throughout the venue, real-time security operations can man the scene to prevent problems and communicate with the broader security team. Simply by being visible, mobile patrols increase overall security. Their presence not only prevents problems but also enables what may be challenging to notice by CCTV or other means.

GM GROUP can provide K9 watchdogs to ensure that patrols are fully efficient. Teams can locate illegal substances with the aid of guard dogs. 

Emergency control

There are numerous causes of emergencies. Sadly, there are a multitude of potential causes, including human activity, fires and infrastructural failures.

The concert security team’s objective is to plan and react to them as effectively as possible, not only to anticipate them. When necessary, our event security can collaborate with a multidisciplinary group of event planners, volunteers, concert crew, emergency services, etc.

For every concert, there must be an emergency plan. In an emergency, our security guard team is equipped to inform the organisers, speak with all participants and take over the necessary tasks. We’re here to lead in reducing hazards in the case of an emergency and take all required steps to restore safety.

Security Safety

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Stage safety protection is very important for the smooth running of concerts. Threats to performers can come from fans, haters and even emergencies. Stage safety is a strategy to protect both performers and crew from crowds and backstage problems.

Crowd control

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Perhaps the most important aspect of concert safety is crowd control. Participants look forward to being there but given their emotions and adrenaline levels, they also run the risk of getting into trouble. The best concerts are widely enjoyed while the attendees are safe.

Crowd Control Marshalls are responsible for watching out for inappropriate behaviour and taking immediate action if it is. Additionally, they have extensive training in escorting intruders, monitoring capacity limits and managing big crowds of individuals moving around the facility.

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