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We value our client’s safety, that’s why we offer the best Security Solutions.

  • There are many security businesses that provide quality services, but GM Group Services is proud to say that our security solutions are one of the best and we provide security guard services at a reasonable price.
  • Security guards are an important part of any company’s security program. A security guard’s job is to protect the property, the employees, and their customers making sure that all employees are safe.
  • Security guards are necessary for buildings with large numbers of people, high-value merchandise, sensitive materials, and special conditions. A security guard can protect a company’s assets from being stolen by outside forces or individuals who gain access to the company’s facility. Even the presence of security guards discourages break-ins and theft.
  • The need for security guard services is indicated by the fact that many companies are now building security guards into their workforce. These guards are not just there to help monitor the premises but are also tasked with ensuring that all employees are following company policies.


Yes. We are a member of Australian Security Industry Association Limited and are a Master License Holder 000105362 / ASIAL 62547 / ACN 626 992 176. GM GROUP Services can provide security guard services throughout Sydney and surroundings.

Our security guards do their checks using an automated software that verifies their location and keeps a trackable record of them whenever they are on duty. This technology can assure clients of supervision and high-quality service.

Our training program consists of vigorous training that covers the state laws and general security procedures. In addition to that all our security personnel receive specific on and off-site training for each client. All our security officers are precisely trained before starting their on-duty assignment.

Yes. We offer a traditional police style uniform with a company patch and our badge. In addition we can offer a concierge style uniform consisting of a blazer and tie. Our Executive Protection Services attire is akin to plain-clothes officers.

Security guard services are security services offered by licensed security companies. Security guard services include different kinds of security-related services.

Charges are based upon the number of hours, guards and services required.

Security and protective services is where a licensed security company (the service provider) provides official security personnel like guards, bodyguards and protection officers to help keep people and assets safe.

Licensed security service providers have qualified security experts and officers who specialise in security-related tasks quite conveniently. They are trained and licensed professionals who can protect a person or a company from possible threats.

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